Maya Dreifuss
Highway 65
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Feature film



Filming Location: Israel

Far from Tel Aviv and big city crimes, Dafna, 40, till not long ago an outspoken promising police officer, finds herself in the small town of Afula dealing with petty crimes, seeking shade from the scorching heat, feeding her aggressive cat, but more importantly, dodging the nagging question:” When are you going to get married, and have children?”.


 The disappearance of Orly Elimeleh, a beautiful and wild 36 year-old army widow, and former beauty queen, who is tangled up in a complex relationship with her dead husband's powerful Oheyon  family, soon raises another troubling question for Daphna – why isn't anybody looking for her?   This indifference to Orly’s fate shakes Daphna to the core, and she begins to identify with her, and to fear the worst. This concern gradually consumes her life, blurs her reality and causes her to question whether she is just imagining things, or is she seeing things too, too clearly.


Matan, Orly's youger brother-in-law, seems to be the only one who shares Daphna’s concerns,  which pushes her to step beyond her professional boundaries.


As her faith both in herself and in everybody surrounding her undermines, Dafna will have to do something she couldn't emagine doing. Althogh uncapalble of placing her trust in any man before, she now will have to accept Matan's help.


Writer and director: Maya Dreifuss (“She Is Coming Home”)

Producers: Haim Mecklberg, Estee Yacov-Mecklberg

Winner: The Second Prize at The Sixth Edition of Sam Spiegel International Film Lab